The sun is out, the beach is calling your name, and the meticulous attention you just spent trying to keep yourself healthy through the eight-month winter seems to disappear.
The long weekend is fast approaching which means BBQ, beer, long hours and tons of memories. Sometimes there is so much to do, and you only have 24 hours in a day.
Everyone gets to that moment where they are so exhausted that they can't even fathom continuing on and just want to sleep for the next three days. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, they can't afford to do that and have to push themselves past the point of exhaustion so they end up burning themselves out
Everyone knows the basic foods that you just have to eat in the summer – watermelon, strawberries, and corn on the cob are given summer favorites that need to be devoured in abundance.
Sometimes you can't get to sleep because of the millions of thoughts going through your head, from your super important meeting tomorrow to the mortgage payment coming out next week. Sometimes we are under so much stress that it affects our daily lives, including our sleep cycles.
It's a hard enough task to stay focused on work as it is, but with the warm weather upon us, it makes staying on top of work that much harder. With the patio and bbq calling our names constantly, it is so hard to concentrate on crunching numbers or completing any task that the boss man asks you to do.
It's summer, or as a lot of people know it, patio season. This means that the drinks flow freely, the karaoke is sung horribly and the hangovers are deadly. The summer months are filled with long weekends and the opportunity to day drink and, let's be honest, everyone takes full advantage of the lounging, lazy patio days that the season brings
There is nothing worse than getting sick in the summer months, it takes longer to get better because you would rather be outside in the sunshine than cooped up in bed surrounded by kleenex and being miserable.