What Really Happens When We Go To Sleep

What Really Happens When We Go To Sleep

Sleep is a glorious thing – it makes you feel refreshed and ready to take on the world (if you get enough of it). A lot of people actually don't know the ways that sleep benefits your body; all they know is that they get tired and they go to sleep, when they wake up they feel better. This article is going to go over the reasons you wake up feeling so good after waking up.

Your Brain

Throughout the night your brain goes through a cleaning process, especially when you are in that sweet, dream-heavy REM stage of the night. This usually happens in the early hours of the morning. Your brain is almost as active in this stage of sleep as it is when you are fully awake. The waste removal system in your brain is going full speed and removing harmful by-products in your brain like trademark plaque that could actually pile up and end up causing Alzheimer's Disease. Your brain is also busy cementing new memories from the previous day and going through the information we gained throughout the day and filtering out the useless information we won't need.

Your Organs

You know that can't-move-another-muscle feeling you get after a really long day? This actually comes from various normal physiological processes that slow down when you are climbing into bed at night. Some of these processes are how many breaths you take a minute and even how quickly your heart beats. Your organs completely chill out when you sleep, your liver goes from trying to detoxify everything to building and synthesizing and your intestines quiet down too. Your body also doesn't produce as much adrenaline, because you shouldn't need that fight-or-flight instinct when you lay your head on the pillow.

These are only a few of the incredible things that happen in your body while you are off in dreamland. It's an incredible process to get you to be in a healthy state especially, though it doesn't feel like you are doing anything particularly invigorating. To help you achieve your full sleep potential, use Nutrovape Sleep. It is a quick acting and great tasting way to lull you in a deep and restful sleep.