You may not think of summer as a time to adjust your supplement regime, but you might want to consider this. Usually we are dealing with much hotter weather, more commitments and activities, less sleep, and more energy expended. All of this could lead to fatigue, losing more electrolytes than normal, and damaged skin. Keep reading to avoid any summertime blues these problems will cause!

While we are eager to get back out and start enjoying the best of what summer offers, you should probably check out these 7 summer tips to stay healthy and safe all summer long. 
Everyone needs good nutrition to stay healthy. But women may have a particular need for vitamins. It’s even more tricky for pregnant or lactating mothers who would naturally require more nutrients to stay healthy – both for themselves and the baby.  This article discusses some vitamins that are important for women and some expert recommended daily intake recommendations.

The Institute of Medicine estimates between 836,000 and 2.5 million Americans suffer with chronic fatigue. Finding solutions to combat that constant sluggish feeling is something that we are always trying to find. Because let's be real, we're tired of being tired! 

When reading this blog further, you will learn five natural ways to deal with fatigue.