Back To School

Back To School

Parents around the country have been singing, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" since they dropped their kids off at school. For a lot of college students though, it's figuring out timetables, getting lost in new buildings and having to awkwardly walk out of a lecture when you finally realize that the psychology 101 class you were sitting in is actually economy 301 - don't worry, we have all been there. Midterms will be coming up before you know it, and it gets harder to focus on what you're doing. If you were one of those people who used to be able to sit down and write out an essay and not blink an eye, but now you can't even type out the title without getting distracted, the following reasons could be why.

Hi-Tech Overload

This is something we don't realize is happening because we are living in a world where we depend on all things technology. If you think about it, you have your laptop, phone and tv all competing for your attention, especially your phone. Your brain has to act like a secretary and can only do so much to make sure you get everything done you need to get done. Social media is also to blame, and there is always something online that will pull you into a million other directions, instead of letting you focus on whatever you should be focusing on.

No Zzz's

College is all about partying too much and sleeping too little, boot and rallying and heading to your 9 a.m. class like a champ. But this takes a toll on you after a while and will start to affect your attention span, because your brain will hit a point where it won't retain anything and just continuously ache for sleep. The fix for it is literally saying no to beer pong for the night and hitting the pillow instead; your body will thank you for the next morning when you don't wake up smelling like old beer and covered in leftover pizza.

Not Working Out

Writing that title, even we groaned a little bit. No one actually loves to exercise, especially in college, because there are literally a million other things that are better than lifting heavy objects or running on a treadmill. Exercise has actually been proven to help keep the mind sharp, improve learning and memory capacity. Exercise has been known to help adults who suffer from mental restlessness or ADHD as well, so we aren't saying go and work out for 3 hours every day, but just getting yourself to the gym might help get your mind back on track.

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