Get Your Immune System Ready For Fall

Get Your Immune System Ready For Fall

Fall is right around the corner and it signals the start of cold and flu season. If you are one of those people that tend to get sick easily, then you are going to want to start yourself on a strict immune system boosting regime right now. Getting your immune system and body ready for fall (and then eventually winter) is something that should skyrocket to the top of your priority list. Instead of spending fall and winter pent up in bed with a stuffy nose and sore throat, read the following tips to beat any illness that tries to mess with you.


You should start eating foods that are heavy in Vitamin-C and Vitamin D. Some people can't take vitamins, and it's ok, because eating food is always better anyways. Start adding citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, fish, dairy products, along with dried peas and beans to your grocery list. Enriched grains like white rice and white flour are also great ways to help boost your immune system through your diet. If you are vegan, you can find the same kind of nutrients in brewer's yeast.


Nutriair makes two inhalable pens that specifically target these concerns; the Nutriair Immune pen is made with vitamin C, natural echinacea extract, ginseng root extract, and elderberry extract just to name a few. Taking a few inhalations of this easy to use and great tasting device everyday, along with Nutriair B-Complex, is the best defense you can give yourself. The Nutriair B-Complex pen contains essential B vitamins and antioxidants that will get your system in top fighting shape. Containing B-12, natural B-6, and B-2, this complex will keep your blood cells and nerve center healthy too.


Smoothies are delicious; that's a given, but you can cram so many health benefits into a glass by doing it this way. You can also throw supplements into a smoothie as well, and not compromise any taste. Looking up ways to make vitamin-packed smoothies is the first step; try adding apples, kale, avocado, and even oranges into the blender to switch things up in the morning. It will be the best decision you make all day.

It's no secret, no one really likes to have to start preparing for the colder months because it means that summer is at an end. There are tons of great activities to do in the colder months, but you can't do that if you are cooped up in bed trying to get yourself healthy. It's better to start now so you can stay healthy all year long.