It has been shown that destressing the right way can help to boost your immunity, ward off heart disease and obesity plus when you’re calm, you perform tasks more efficiently and smarter.
Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, that’s exactly what it is, a journey, with ups and downs and roadblocks. 
Everyone can always use a bit more of stress relief in their life, but who can really afford spa days all of the time? The Kardashian's don’t count. 
Procrastination is something the majority of all of us experience, especially when you don’t want to do something. 
Spring is in full swing, that means it’s time to dust the cobwebs and start opening up the windows to let fresh air in.
We all have those nights where we can’t get to sleep regardless of how much lavender we inhale, how cozy we get and how many sheep we count.
Spring is well on its way and that means that more time can be spent outside soaking up all of that delicious sun.
It’s the start of spring finally, that means that our immune systems will be in jeopardy even though we just got done with flu season. 
One of the worst things in the world is going for an interview. You are literally sitting there being judged for a period of time and having to recall times, dates and experiences can be a daunting task.