Stress Later

Stress Later

Stress and taxes are the two things everyone can relate to each other.  They both suck, are time-consuming and the more you worry about it the worse it makes your situation. Everyone can always use a bit more of stress relief in their life, but who can really afford spa days all of the time? The Kardashian's don’t count. Thankfully, we hate stress over here and have compiled a list of ways for you to combat your day to day stress.

Work It

Move your body, go to Zumba, do something that will get your blood pumping and give you something to focus your energy on. Take out your frustrations and stress out during your workouts, yes it won’t fix all of your problems but it will help you to work through some things in your head. Working out lowers stress hormones in your body along with improving your sleep quality and boosting your confidence. Find an activity that gets you excited and makes you want to move, it won’t feel like such a chore then.

Essential OIls

Essential oils are a great way to combat your stress, along with making your house smell incredible. Lavender, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Orange Blossom are just a few of the scents that will help to lower your stress levels. Nutriair Relax is a personal aromatherapy dispenser that can help to combat any stress level, is discreet, and easy enough to incorporate into any routine. Several studies have shown that using aromatherapy can help to improve your sleep quality too.

Write It

Sometimes seeing what’s in our heads on paper can help us to work through the issues quicker. Try writing down everything that is stressing you out and what would make that situation better. You will be surprised how much you can work through when you are able to visualize it.

Stress is inevitable, the world is a stressful place and it’s only going to get worse. Everyone can use more stress relief and self-care is especially important if you are feeling yourself getting more and more anxious. Sometimes the best self-care is even just canceling plans and binging something on TV.