Is Inhaling Vitamin C Safe?

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Technological advancement rubs off on all aspects of humanity – from transportation to health.

Talking health — As many health seekers explore more exciting ways to dose their vitamin supplements, inquiries on vaporizers are on the spike.

A bunch among the lot asks: Does inhalable Vitamin C work?

Before we discuss inhalable vitamins, let’s briefly consider significant benefits of vitamin C

Benefits of Vitamin C

Experts consider vitamin C as a uniquely safe and efficient nutrient. Among others, the vitamin helps boost the immune system, fights cardiovascular disease, eye issues, skin patches and wrinkles, prenatal health concerns.

A recent publication reviewed over a hundred researches within a 10-year span, which shows an admirable list of vitamin C benefits.

No doubt, vitamin C has gained widespread, increasing attention for a range of benefits.

Antioxidant Properties 

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant for natural defenses that protect cells from free radicals and reduces oxidative stress.

Regulates blood pressure

Heart diseases are widely associated with high blood pressure. An animal-based study says vitamin C consumption promotes blood transportation from the heart to the body.

Although it isn’t guaranteed the effect span of vitamin C on blood pressure, growing researches are promising.

Reduces Heart Disease Risk

A review of 15 studies says vitamin C has close links with reduced heart diseases.

A 2008 report suggests taking Vitamin C supplements may reduce bad cholesterol and blood triglyceride in patients with hypercholesterolemia or high cholesterol.

Boosts immunity

Research says vitamin C encourages white blood cell production, which helps fight infections.

Vitamin C is also thought a vital player in the skin’s wellness and injury recovery.

Besides, vitamin C is widely reported to help prevent the common cold, eye diseases, and as well as reduce cancer risk.

Can you Absorb Vitamins Through Vape? 

Yes, you can.

Many top e-cigarette manufacturers have designed vaporizers that allow users to inhale herbal supplements, essential oils — and vitamins.

The vaping concept was introduced as a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. Soon, it became the norm.

Many literature and campaigns regard the consumption method as a healthy alternative to dosing vitamin supplements.

More and more companies are exploring the vape trend – offering a safe and more fun way to attain daily vitamin goals.

Women vaping Nutriair Immune with Vitamin C

Is Inhaling Vitamin C Safe?

A recent review suggests vapes release less toxicity than cigarette smoking. When heated, the cigarette releases truckloads of chemicals, among which 70 are linked to cancer. Here, vaping becomes a handier option.

Besides, the herbs and liquid vitamin contents of vaporizers are nicotine-free. This means, unlike with nicotine-packed cigarette, vitamin C vaping will not cause addictions.

Many vape products have organic content and chemical-free.

Experts, however, insist that the chemical content of vapor is dependent on the flavors and added compounds in the liquid.

What are the benefits of inhalable Vitamin C?

Inhalable vitamins have been attracting scientific research since way back in 1953. A subsequent 1967 animal and human-based study support the efficacy of vaping vitamins.

Indeed, vitamin vaping is a thoughtful replacement for vitamin pills, infusion, and injection.

Tobacco and nicotine-free, vitamin-packed vaporizers are alternative fun ways to attain your required daily nutrient dose through fruity-flavored puffs.

Besides, inhalation is widely thought to have higher bioavailability than pills and sublingual administration techniques.

Although vaporizers haven’t been around for long, and no sufficient data on long-term effects of vaping, existing indications show inhaling vitamin C is a healthy dosing method.

Where can I buy inhalable Vitamin C?

Many online shops sell inhalable vitamin C. However, navigating through the truckload of fly-by-night options on the market can be overwhelming.

Nutriair Immune Device with Packaging

Nutriair, or instance, manufactures Vitamin C-based supplement diffusers that deliver nutrients through micro-aerosolization – transporting vitamins through inhalation.

Interestingly, the diffusers contain zero THC, vitamin E acetate, sugar crash, caffeine, calories, or cannabinoids.

What’s more?

No better fun way to hit your daily Vitamin C goals.