7 supplements to help avoid a hangover

7 supplements to help avoid a hangover

The urge to have an extra beer can turn a supposed fun night out into an awkward hangover-plagued morning.

If you've been there, you'd argue that there is no fool-proof way to alleviate hangover symptoms, which include headaches, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, tossing and turning – to mention a few.

While this sounds true, some supplements may help relieve the undesirable results of a heavy night.

Rather than go crappy and messed-up all day, these supplements may help speed up your mind and body's recovery. They offer a clear head and a sound body for a productive next day. Let's discuss some

7 Supplements to Help Avoid a Hangover

Let's discuss some useful supplements that help you fight a hangover

Prickly Pear Extract

Prickly Pear Extract Nutriair Recover hangover

Prickly pear is thought to speed up hangover recovery. The superfruit houses anti-inflammatory components, which help manage hangover, particularly the nauseous feeling.  

One research shows that young adults who had Prickly pear (also known as Opuntia ficus indica, or OFI) before liquor had a notable improvement in common hangover symptoms, including dry mouth, nausea, and loss of appetite.

The subjects also reported less C-reactive protein, which is released by the liver and associated with inflammation.

Besides, prickly pear extract may also help combat alcohol's long-term effect.

During alcohol metabolism, the body releases free-radicals, which can harm the cells. Prickly pear extract contains antioxidants that shield the lipids and proteins from damage during alcohol breakdown. It may also aid digestion and boost immunity.

Milk Thistle Extract

Milk thistle – scientifically Silybum marianum – is a plant found in warmer regions. It contains active properties, collectively referred to as silymarin.

No wonder the terms silymarin and milk thistle are commonly used interchangeably.

Among its many offers, indicators say the compound contains properties that help protect the liver, hence, a common recommendation for hangovers.

How? Here's how it works:

As your system breaks down alcohol, some toxic components are left in your body. These toxic by-products cause problems like inflammation across the body, particularly in the stomach, liver, and brain.

Too often, such effects degenerate to cause permanent scars in your liver and cirrhosis.

Thankfully, research suggests silymarin may detox certain dangerous components in alcohol, thereby protecting the liver. The chemical may also serve well as an antioxidant and disarm the dreaded free radicals released during alcohol metabolism.

Silymarin may also 'switch off' alcohol-activated inflammations.


glutathione chemical structure found in Nutriair recover for hangover

All body cells can produce glutathione. However, the compound is predominant in the liver.

Primarily, glutathione is known for its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are major rivals of free radicals.

Free radicals increase the more we indulge in drinks or food. That is, the more your drink (or eat), the more free radicals are released.

Again, alcohol is a diuretic – it causes body water shortage. The frequent need to urinate after alcohol consumption is not directly caused by the amount of beer you're drinking. Rather, for every wine glass you gulp, the body uses an additional 120 ml of water.

So, the more you drink, the more water your body loses, the more dehydrated you become.  Such increasing dehydration can cause a couple of problems, including headache, tiredness, dry mouth, etc.

Thankfully, glutathione's properties help fight the free radicals and reduce the body's water loss.

Turmeric Powder

Curcumin is a key component of turmeric and responsible for its bright yellow shade. Besides the color, this compound is celebrated as a potent natural inflammation treatment or prevention alternative.

The worse hangover effects are primarily caused by inflammation. Curcumin's anti-inflammatory properties may be a good match.

Using turmeric powder before a night-out can cut down the next's day's troubles. Curcumin in turmeric may help manage a range of hangover effects, including headaches, fatigue, sore joints, and the general messy feeling.

Wouldn't a conventional non-steroidal anti-inflammation prescription like naproxen and ibuprofen do?

Besides their limited half-life, effects from this drug group may begin to dwindle around six hours after consumption.

Again, NSAID is famous (or infamous) for its liver troubles, particularly among heavy or long-term users. These downsides are not associated with curcumin.

Vitamin B12

Being a diuretic, alcohol depletes loads of vitamins and nutrients in your body, including vitamin B.

Disturbingly, vitamin B is highly needed by the body (particularly after drinking) as it helps to breakdown and flushes out alcohol from the body.

Popping some vitamin B12 capsules could be a lifesaver morning after a drunk night.

B12 is essential and needed to keep the body in shape – particularly the nervous system and brain. The vitamin is a common ingredient in several products – from beauty products for hair and skin to energy boosters.

But many are unaware of the hidden potential of the compound – hangover reliever. 

Vitamin B 6

This vitamin B6 is most involved in moderate bodily functions – compared to all other nutrients. This makes the compound a reoccurring consideration for your mental and physical health. B6 deficiency may trigger a range of symptoms, including vomiting, irritability, impaired memory, tingling sensations, numbing – to name a few.

Replenishing the body's Vitamin B levels with supplements will help restore your body's balance and make you feel better.

Vitamin B-1

A hangover may come with symptoms, including a blank head and numb fingers. These effects usually come after the bottles deplete your vitamin B1 levels.

Vit B 1, also called Thiamine, play multiple roles.

For excessive drinking, B1's antioxidant properties can help shield the body from the effects of smoking and, of course, alcohol consumption. A low level of Vitamin B1 can aggravate hangover symptoms like reduced nerve functions and neuropathy.

group of people drinking alcohol together and taking 7 supplements to help avoid a hangover

Nutriair Recover To The Rescue

After the heavy night's hangout, our recovery products should come ready in handy.

Nutriair Recovery Pen is available in two variants: 

Both products contain the same attractive flavors from their exciting ingredients. Both variants are of the same mix of prickly pear, Milk Thistle extract, glutathione, turmeric root extract, vitamin B12, B6, and B1.

Nutriair Recover XL offer a larger serving size at 500 inhalations.

Prefer a more traditional way to use these natural supplements?

Try Bounce Back Hangover Recovery and Prevention Pills. It maybe your best bet to avoid, or fight off, hangover symptoms.

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How to use Nutriair Recover and Bounce Back

Using Nutriair Recover pen, we recommend 10 servings before your first tequila shots – and spread across your drinking duration.

Using Bounce Back capsules, we recommend taking 3 capsules before drinking - consider it a pregame before the pregame - and 3 capsules after drinking. From a mild night of drinking to a wild bachelor or bachelorette party, make sure you include Bounce Back in your routine.

For more tips to handle the effects of excessive drinking, see our quick hangover fixes.

Here's our guess – that if you hurdle the many problems of a hangover, next time, you'd be more careful about how much alcohol you consume.