Quick Hangover Fixes

Quick Hangover Fixes

Hangovers are the worst thing in the world and some of us subject ourselves to them more than others. There is no shame in it, there are probably times you wish that you could snap your fingers and the hangover be gone so you can take on your day. Unfortunately, there are no instant cures but there are ways to speed up the healing process and even one preventative measure you can take to kick your hangover’s butt. We have several different cures that are so easy to follow through with, your head will thank you.


This is a given, drink lots of water and hydrate your body again. When you drink alcohol, your body stops producing vasopressin, which means your kidneys will send water right to your bladder instead of absorbing it. This is why you have to go to the bathroom constantly when you are going hard. Leave a water bottle, or a few next to your bed and make sure you drink at least a full water bottle before you go to sleep for the night. We cannot stress this enough, water is your friend.


Try drinking Sprite, a Chinese study found that the lemon and lime pop helped to speed along the process of getting alcohol out of our systems which means a quicker recovery. The lemon and lime juice is alkaline which means it will balance the acid out in your stomach. Even though this is an option, fizzy water with squirts of lemon and lime juice are healthier.


Finally, something we all want to see on this list. Feed your cravings and hit up a fast food joint on your way home or order a pizza. Even if you want to stay healthy, try eating a banana because alcohol can actually deplete your potassium levels. Get something in your stomach that will soak up some of the alcohol and help you to see straight in the morning.

Everyone has their favorite hangover cures, our favorite preventative measure, however, is Nutriair Recover. We use this throughout the night and never wake up with a pounding head. The best way to avoid any kind of hangover though is by knowing your limit and staying within it. You don’t need to drink yourself into oblivion to have a good time, have a good time and be safe.