5 Ways to Deal With Fatigue

Girl Laying Under Blanket Feeling Exhausted

The Institute of Medicine estimates between 836,000 and 2.5 million Americans suffer with chronic fatigue. Finding solutions to combat that constant sluggish feeling is something that we are always trying to find. Because let's be real, we're tired of being tired! 

When reading this blog further, you will learn five natural ways to deal with fatigue. So let's get started! 

What Causes Fatigue? 

The following factors below are common reasons to why you're feeling that "forever tired" feeling.

  • Psychological and psychosocial - depression, anxiety, emotional stress
  • Physical - diseases, disorders, medical conditions 
  • Physiological - pregnancy, poor sleep, overexertion or excessive exercise 

For most, simply taking a look at some of your lifestyle habits and tweaking them can have a huge impact on feeling more relief from exhaustion.  

Mayo Clinic notes that some of these habits correlated to fatigue are drug/alcohol use, excess/lack of physical activity, medications, poor sleep habits, or bad eating habits. 

Man feeling exhausted with head laying on laptop

Five Ways to Deal With Fatigue 

1. Eat the Right Foods Often

Eating natural foods is the key to overall health. When one eats too much of the wrong or inadequate foods, the body becomes deficient from the right nutrients, which then can affect your metabolism and cause chronic fatigue. 

To promote sustainable energy in the body, avoid eating a lot of high-glycemic foods, which causes the blood sugar to spike, resulting in the body to crash. By fueling your body with natural energy foods you are working towards a healthy lifestyle, which correlates to less fatigue. Natural energy foods consists of healthy carbohydrates, foods with important vitamins and minerals, or good quality proteins. 

2. Create Healthy Sleeping Habits 

For many, fatigue stems from continued poor sleeping habits. Poor habits consisting of not getting more than 7 hours of sleep in a night, not being able to stay asleep, or going to bed at different times each night all contribute to an unhealthy sleep routine. 

You can improve your sleep by trying to go to sleep the same time every day, try not to sleep on weekends (consistency is key), and try to be smart about napping - this can definitely throw your sleep pattern off. 

Trying natural solutions, like supplements could be another way to promote better sleep if you have trouble falling asleep. The Nutriair Sleep Inhaler promotes relaxation and the ability to fall asleep with its supplement blend of melatonin, L-Theanine, natural passionflower, and natural chamomile.

3. Reduce Your Stress and Increase Energy  

Putting your body through ongoing stress can put a huge toll on the body. The effects can leave your body feeling completely exhausted and depleted. 

Learning methods to control your stress can correlate to an increase in energy. Learning these methods should not overwhelm you, just focus on finding activities that relax you or that you enjoy, create realistic goals, and try to focus on the positivity in situations. 

You can also try incorporating methods like deep breathing, mediation, or yoga. These methods may help you stay calm and diffuse stressful situations. 

4. Get Moving and Exercise!  

Regular exercise leads to improved physical fitness and health. There are so many benefits from exercising like improved sleep quality and duration, it's also a great activity to combat stress, as well as, a cardiovascular health booster. 

If you are constantly battling with low energy, then incorporating consistent exercise might be the solution to turn that around. 

5. Take Energy Supplements When Needed 

It is possible that you are not getting enough nutrients from your diet, which can cause that sluggishness or grogginess feeling. Common supplements to take that may boost your energy levels are B vitamins, iron, zinc, or magnesium.  

When feeling fatigued, try taking a supplement blend like the Nutriair Energy TinctureThis tincture contains the important ingredient B12, which is key for converting food into usable energy. Though supplements are not the solution for total nutrition, they may be beneficial for those who notice a difference in energy levels when taking them. 


By making small changes in our lifestyle can make huge impacts on our overall wellness, which means decreased fatigue.

Implementing healthy habits like eating the right foods, creating better sleep habits, reducing stress, exercising, or incorporating supplements lays the foundation for better health and increased energy.