How Long Does Nutriair Last?

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There's no question you can get results with our products, but how long do Nutriair products last and how should you take them?

Supplements can vary widely in how long they are effective over time, especially based on their delivery system. Depending on whether you're using an inhaler, tincture, or capsule supplement, how quickly you lose efficacy may change, even for the same ingredient. 

Here, we'll discuss how long each Nutriair product typically lasts and how best to take them for optimal results!

Supplement Expiration


Expiration of Nutriair products depends on the type of product or "delivery system." In general, although water-based products have a higher absorption and may work quicker than capsules, they generally expire more quickly. 

This is because water-based ingredients are more prone to attracting bacteria and microbes, since many of these species require water to survive just like us. Although all Nutriair tinctures are made in a clean, GMP facility with the highest quality ingredients and tested for contaminants, once the product is opened by the customer (just like many other food products) they're exposed to potential contamination. 

That's why Nutriair tinctures have an expiration date of one year post manufacture. You can find this date printed on a sticker at the bottom of your tincture bottle!

Tips for keeping your tincture microbe free: 

  • Keep your tincture in a cool dry place. It would be best to keep refrigerated. 
  • If you're dropping the liquid directly into your mouth with the dropper, avoid touching the dropper to any part of the inside or outside of your mouth. 
  • Immediately replace the dropper when you're finished, and keep the bottle tightly sealed. 



Fortunately, since capsules are dry powders that don't contain any water/moisture, they last a bit longer. Nutriair capsules expire two years after the date of manufacture (located at the bottom of you bottle).

Since microbes aren't as big a concern, the biggest factor determining expiration here is the supplements themselves. After a couple years, environmental factors– or even just the nature of the compound itself– will begin to degrade the supplements and they'll start to lose efficacy. 

As with tinctures, be sure to keep your capsule bottles tightly sealed when you're not using them, and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 



Similar to capsules, Nutriair inhalers are water-free and particularly because it is an enclosed system where product doesn't get exposed to open air, microbes are of much less concern. Nutriair inhalers expire two years after the date of manufacture

Unlike with either of the products above, though, our inhalers contain a battery. This batter also affects expiration since batteries die over time. 


How To Use Nutriair

Follow the guidance on the label of each product for specific instructions on dosage, storage and expiration. To ensure safety and efficacy, discontinue using after a product has reached its expiration!

Remember, you should always consult your healthcare provider before taking new supplements as many can interact with existing medications or cause allergies or irritation. 

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or contact us!



Take Away

Though we wish they did, supplements, unfortunately, don't last forever. Even if there's no visible damage, factors like moisture, degradation, or battery affect the shelf life of our Nutriair products. 

Be sure to keep track of when your supplements expire so you can get the best from what Nutriair supplements have to offer you!