Winter Weight-loss

Winter Weight-loss

The winter is the prime time to start your fitness journey. Unfortunately, you have to change up your routine for the colder months. You can go the regular route and buy a gym membership with a side of healthy eating and counting calories. One thing you should be aware of though, is that regular detoxes, smoothies and other cleanses are actually too cooling for our bodies in the winter, so we won’t see the results we want to. You can wait until the temperature starts to rise to start on your beach body or, you can keep reading and see what tricks we have up our sleeve to lose that unwanted poundage.


The trick to eating to lose weight in the winter is eating for warmth. When you are cold what sounds more appealing? A salad or soup, obviously the option that will make you feel warm and fuzzy from the inside out. Add more naturally sweet, dense, root vegetables, quality animal products and hearty winter greens to your diet. You get bonus points if you buy local, Using warming spices in your winter diet will also help to sustain your energy. Nutriair Diet is also a great addition to any diet, winter or summer. This great tasting and fast acting appetite suppressant will help you to achieve any fitness goal.

Trim Fat

Your body actually needs good fat to function. Healthy fats help your body to soak up vitamins A, D and E and are essential for a healthy nervous system. Having avocados, olive products and, even having coconut oil daily can help to boost your metabolism and increase your body temperature. Avoiding trans and hydrogenated fats found in processed food is a sure fire way to help you lose unwanted weight.

Catch Up

Sleep, the best thing ever, is our final trick to losing weight this winter. When the nights are longer than the days, our bodies return to the natural, evolved state of slow metabolism and more sleep. Get more sleep during the darker hours to wake up early and soak up as much of the morning sun as possible. More sleep before midnight, especially in the winter, helps to stabilize your mood, improves your sleep quality and will obviously hinder any urge to have a midnight snack.

There is no question that losing weight is one of the hardest things to do. Getting healthy is a complete lifestyle change, keep your chin up and don’t worry if you fall off the wagon. The trick is to get back on the wagon and work harder to achieve your goals, 2019 is going to be your year.