Why am I so tired?

Everybody at some point or another has used the phrase "I am SO exhausted" and some people, it seems like that phrase is a constant trend in their vocabulary. You might be getting a full night's sleep but still feel exhausted. If you are one of these people and don't know why you feel so fatigued, this article is going to cover some potential reasons why you're feeling drowsy and not yourself.

Lack of sleep could be the reason why you are feeling so tired. Most people think they are getting enough sleep, but in reality you could be getting less than enough. Babies alone need sixteen hours of sleep, while teenagers need nine and adults need anywhere from seven to eight hours a night. Some people can actually function on five hours of sleep, while some can't function on less than ten.  Another reason why you could be feeling sleepy is from not eating enough or eating the wrong foods. If you are starting your morning with doughnuts or sweet breakfast foods, your blood sugar will peak and crash leaving you feeling sluggish. Try to start your morning off with protein and something that will power you for the day like oatmeal or eggs.

Anaemia is actually one of the top reasons why you could be feeling tired. This happens when your body doesn't have enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to your tissues and organs. If you are diagnosed with Anaemia, you can help combat it by eating iron-rich foods like lean meat, shellfish, certain cereals and incorporating iron supplements into your diet. Another good way to boost your energy is by using Nutriair Energy, this compact easy to use device will give you the energy boost you need to get through your day with no nasty crash afterward.

Being tired is something that everyone on this planet feels from time to time. If it's something that you are feeling constantly, talk to your doctor to see what treatment is right for you and your life. You will miss out on so much sleeping your life away.