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What You Should Know About Hangovers

Imagine last night you went bar hopping and the drinks were flowing freely. The DJ was on point and you felt like you were on top of the world. This morning, however, you felt like you were under its weight. The smell of food repulses you, your head is pounding and daylight is literally a work from the devil himself. You're hungover and it's a doozy. Do you actually know what happens to your body when you recovering from a night of drinking? Well, you’re about to find out.

Hangovers are basically your body going through alcohol withdrawal. Every time you put an intoxicant into your body, your brain adapts to whatever substance you are putting into your body. Once you take that substance away the opposite reaction occurs. Most of the symptoms you suffer through with a hangover are the exact opposite of what you experience when you are intoxicated. Which makes sense when you think about it, you are overly-confident, uninhibited, your dance skills are incredible and you feel no pain. The next day though? You are probably feeling anxious, achy and can't even stand up straight, let alone dance.

Alcohol is an analgesic which means it dulls pain (physical and emotional), but, obviously, it wears off and the pain comes back with a vengeance and makes you regret even taking that first sip. Even if you weren't feeling any pain before you were drinking, you could feel the aftermath of some clumsy bumbling from the night before but don't be embarrassed, we have all fallen down a flight of stairs after the fourth shot of Jack Daniel’s, just get up, shake it off and chalk it up to a survival story from the night before.

A good way to avoid hangovers is by using Nutriair Recover, if you take around 10 inhalations before your first drink and take a few more inhalations throughout the night, you will feel like a hero the next morning, and be able to go on any adventure you want without cringing everytime you think about the sun.