Vitamins and Nutrients to get you Through Winter

Vitamins and Nutrients to get you Through Winter

Winter is the time that you should be doubling up on vital nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy. This article is going to go through some of the most important vitamins you should be incorporating into your routine to keep the winter bugs away.

Vitamin A: This is vital for healthy eyes and general growth and development, including teeth and skin. You can find vitamin A in orange foods like carrots and sweet potato.

B Vitamins: This vitamin group is vital for energy production, iron absorption, and immune function. B-12 is a great way to boost your immune system and Nutriair has the perfect portable inhalable device to keep up with your everyday life. If you want to incorporate even more into your diet, try eating bananas, lentils, chili peppers, beans and other unprocessed foods.

Vitamin C:  This antioxidant, iron absorbing powerhouse is great for helping to prevent sickness and can also be found in Nutriair Immune, along with the inhalable personal device try incorporating green peppers, kiwi, Brussel sprouts and even strawberries into your diet to give your skin elasticity and strengthen your blood vessels.

Vitamin D: Promoting healthy bones is a good habit to get into. Start eating more eggs, mushrooms, fish and start hanging out in the sun for brief periods of time.

Vitamin K:  Supports healthy blood circulation to prevent blood clots. Broccoli, kale, spinach and brussel sprouts are a good way to get a decent dosage of this vitamin.

Zinc: This immunity boosting, growth and fertility super nutrient is found in seafood, spinach, cashews and dark chocolate. Feel free to indulge a little bit, we won't tell.

Chromium:  This makes sure that every cell in your body gets the energy it needs – when it needs it.  As long as you are eating whole grains, fresh veggies and herbs you should be getting enough.

Winter is such a vicious time when it comes to health, take the precautions you need to keep yourself, and your family, healthy to experience the fun side of winter.