Tighten Up Your Immune System

Right now we are in the middle of fall, and every day we inch closer and closer to the blistering cold months of winter. While some people get their flu shot and are set for the winter, some people can't get the shot and have to find other ways to stay on top of their immune system, so they don't end up in bed with the black plague for two weeks while your body gets itself back on track. If you are one of the latter and are scrambling for ways to keep healthy, keep reading.


This may seem like an easy thing to do but, a lot of people really struggle with getting enough sleep, especially with a time change in the mix too. Get a good sleep routine going and make sure you get enough shut-eye. One thing to really watch is your stress level. Stress has such a huge impact on our sleep so make sure you leave it all at the door so you can find your way to dreamland.

Eat Right

Another no-brainer. Although during the winter months, it is so hard to stay on a diet because all you want to do is eat heavy casseroles, deliciously creamy soups and eat all of the chocolate-covered, carb-loaded treats you can. Making sure you get the right nutrients and vitamins are a key pillar in keeping yourself healthy during the colder months.

No Smoking

While this isn't a “don't smoke” speech, smoking has been known to be linked to bronchitis and pneumonia. Tobacco also undermines your immune system and can also cause middle-ear infections in kids.

No booze

Alcohol can actually impair your immune system if you consume it excessively. It can increase your vulnerability to lung infections too. We’re not saying you have to completely cut it out, but cutting back is in your best interest. Leave those drinks for patio weather.

Fall is the gateway to even colder months, so this is the time when you really need to start getting on top of your immune system. Nutriair Immune is a great addition to any routine and will help to boost your immune system without you having to give up the party juice. Don't start panicking at the thought of winter, just take a deep breath and start preventative measures now.