Supercharging Your Immune System

Supercharging Your Immune System

Fall is right around the corner, and even though you should have been taking care of yourself this whole time, now is really the time to get your immune system in shape to prepare yourself for winter. Don't let yourself get caught off guard, end up feeling sick and reaching for over the counter medications. Read this list first and start incorporating some of these tasty options to your diet to get your immune system in top fighting shape.

Turmeric: This spice can be added to a bunch of different foods. Not only does it taste great, but this powerhouse is packed with anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-fungal properties that can also help to protect yourself against cancer. Turmeric is also one of the highest antioxidant-packed foods you can add to your arsenal to beat any flu trying to invade your body.

Nutriair: Nutriair Immune is a quick, easy and great-tasting way to make sure your first line of defense is fully armed and ready. Using this product every day is the best way to ensure you get the full benefits and get yourself ready to take on whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Garlic: Garlic breath needs to be overlooked when you really look at all of the incredible health-boosting properties it contains. Allicin, garlicin, ajoine, and allistatin are all found in large quantities of garlic and contain the strongest antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and immune-enhancing properties you can find.

Coconut Oil: This wonder oil isn't just great for your skin and hair, but it also contains a compound called lauric acid. This acid has been shown to not only enhance your immune system but also improve your heart and thyroid health. Coconut oil is also antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial so why not add it to your daily intake.

It is said that it is better to be prepared than get caught in the situation and realize you're in trouble. Now is the perfect time to start incorporating immune boosters into your diet, last winter seemed to last forever and it could be worse this year so, take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay as healthy as you can while you watch the world sniffle and cough.