Beat The Sickness

One thing that everyone should be focusing on during this time is the year, is making sure our immune systems are in fighting shape. The flu and common colds could easily be prevented if people took the time to take the proper measures. Continuously washing your hands, covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze and, stay home when you are sick. There are a few people who take the last one as a slight suggestion. If you have one or more people in your life that “fights through it” then this article is for you.

The first addition to your diet is a given, citrus, and lots of it. Citrus is packed with vitamin C and will help to boost your immune system all summer long. Some of our favorite citruses include grapefruit, oranges, limes and, lemons. You should be ingesting vitamin C on a daily basis, our bodies don’t produce or store it. All citrus is high in vitamin C and there are so many options, it shouldn’t be hard to find an option to add to your diet. The next veggie to add to your meals might cause an uproar in your household. Broccoli is supercharged with vitamins and minerals, packed with antioxidants, fiber along with vitamins A, C, and E, you’d be silly to not eat it. The key to getting the most nutrients out of broccoli is to either eat it raw or barely cook it.

Nutriair Immune is an easy addition to any routine, this immune-boosting boot camp is not only great tasting, but it works quickly too. Garlic and ginger are also great additions to your diet, garlic is found in virtually every dish around the world in countless cuisines. Ginger relieves inflammation, that could help if you feel like you have a sore throat. Garlic is great to have on hand to keep your blood pressure at a manageable level and to fight off any infections.

Winter is such a savage time for our bodies. Do yourself and everyone you love a favor and stay home in bed if you are sick. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself this winter, we still have a long road ahead of us until spring.