Spring Your Immune System Forward

Spring Your Immune System Forward
It’s the start of spring finally, that means that our immune systems will be in jeopardy, even though we just got done with flu season. The only downfall with spring is that we never really know when the warm weather is here to stay. Over the next couple of months, we are going to be experiencing a roller coaster of temperatures and putting our bodies through the wringer while we wait for the beach-going months to stay. Lucky for you though, we have put together a list of sure-fire ways to get your immune system into fighting shape.


Vitamin D is key, and now that the sun is staying out longer it’s easy to get your fill. The daily amount of sun you need per day actually depends on your age, Adults aged 19-70 should be getting 600 IU a day. If you can’t stand to be outside for long periods of time, look into taking supplements or enriching your diet with more vitamin-D heavy foods.


For your immune system to run properly, it needs to have the right fuel. Remove refined sugars and other processed items, try supplementing with fresh fruits and veggies that are in season. You will be surprised how great you feel. Spinach, strawberries, and asparagus are all great options to be enjoyed this time of year.


Nutriair Immune is a great and easy option to add to anyone's everyday routine. This immune-boosting device not only tastes great, but it also works quickly and will make sure that your ready to take on any kind of illness that tries to invade your body.


Don’t groan, it’s way past the chillier months now and there’s no excuse to not be outside. The sun is out and having a regular exercise routine in place is the best way to ensure your body stays healthy and in fighting shape.

Everyone should be giving a collective sigh of relief, the end is near and we can all see the light at the end of the blustery and chilly tunnel. In a mere few weeks, we will be able to start thinking of long weekend plans and counting down the days until we can spend our days on the beach.