Spring Motivation

Spring Motivation

Spring is in full swing, that means it’s time to dust the cobwebs and start opening up the windows to let fresh air in. The thought of spring cleaning itself is a daunting task, let alone actually having to go through it and purge your home. Luckily for us lazy humans, there are some ways that we can kick our motivation into high-gear. Think of this as your sign to start the purge before your allergies kick in, you’ll thank us later.


Making a list of everything you want to accomplish when it comes to spring cleaning is a great place to start. You will feel amazing when you cross those items off your list and you’ll be surprised over how quickly you get motivated to tackle everything. Things you should include on your list are cleaning supplies you need to buy, rooms to clean and even going through your wardrobe. Once you have your list together, pick a day on the calendar and commit to cleaning that whole day. On the days leading up to your cleaning day, purge and declutter your house. Go through your things and decide if you want to toss or donate them. Doing this process will help your cleaning process go a lot quicker on the day.


On your scheduled cleaning day, make sure you leave your floors for last. Start off with dusting all of the hard to reach places and places you don’t typically hit with your normal house cleaning. Leaving your floors as the last thing to do, will ensure you do a thorough job and grab any dust or dirt that fell to the ground as you were dusting. Make sure you clean out your fridge and oven as well, you want to start this season feeling fresh and squeaky clean. Don’t forget your walls either, you’d be surprised and grossed out at how much grime can stick to your living room wall while you binge Netflix.

Make sure you have enough energy by including Nutriair Energy in your cleaning plans. This personal aromatherapy device will give you the kick you need to give your space the spring cleaning it deserves. Whether you want to admit or not, once you finish your spring cleaning, you automatically feel better and ready to take on spring.