Daylight savings starts in a few days which means that our sleep schedules are going to be changing again. Don’t go in a panic though, we have a bunch of tricks put together to help get the most from your sleep. When the clocks gain an hour, most of us feel the after-effects of the time change for sometimes weeks, the trick is to start getting prepared tonight. Don’t leave it until Sunday night to let your body start to adjust.

Start off by going to bed and putting your kids to bed 15 mins earlier than you normally would. The next night do another 15 mins and on Sunday add another 15 mins earlier. Be aware of how much sleep you need to function, everyone needs a different amount and will need to adjust their schedules accordingly. Kids tend to feel the effects more than adults, even if you can sneak them into bed earlier than the suggested 15 mins, you will be laughing on Monday. Still, wake up at the same time every day, it will help your body to adjust to the time change, doing this will ensure that you get the most from your sleep.

If you are having problems crashing, try Nutriair Sleep. This easy to use and the great-tasting device works quickly and will have you snoozing in no time. Try avoiding stimulating foods and drinks as well if you have issues getting to sleep, alcohol, and caffeine should be avoided 4-6 hours before you plan on going to sleep. Smokers are also encouraged to not have a smoke before bed as well. Make sure to eat lightly at night too, indigestion can play a major role in not being able to fall asleep, especially if you just ate spicy or fatty foods. For an easier sleep transition, have lighter snacks several hours before you plan to go to bed, it will give your body enough time to digest and have you leaving comfortable.

Time change messes will all of us, the best thing we can do is be prepared for it. Don’t let it get the better of you. This just means that we are getting closer to it being warmer weather finally.