Sleeping with the Seasons

Sleeping with the Seasons

During the year you may notice you sleep better in certain seasons than others. Changes in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and precipitation all influence how well you sleep. Atmospheric changes and solar cycle changes will affect how we sleep; if you want to learn more about how the weather impacts your sleep keep reading.

Shorter days – During the fall and winter we see less sunlight than usual, this is especially true for the population that works shift work and wakes up either before the sunrise or after sunset. Vitamin D from the sun is incredibly important for muscles and bones and is also involved with serotonin production which affects our sleep-wake cycles. Lack of Vitamin D can lead to increased depression feelings, overeating, and fatigue.

Cooler Air- As you get closer to sleep and feeling drowsy, your internal body temperature drops slightly and stays lower until a few hours before you wake up. Cooler air supports your body's natural deep sleep process; the ideal sleeping temperature for your bedroom is between 60-70 degrees.

Stormy – While rain provides a comforting sound that lulls you into a sweet, dreamy slumber, storms and bad weather can cause problems falling asleep (and even anxiety). White noise machines or apps and even eye masks can help reduce this anxiety, along with some deep breathing and guided imagery. Get through those violent stormy nights.

Weather changes – Weather changes can actually be quite painful for some people. Barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity can be a painful experience for people with joint and nerve pain, making it a difficult task to even get out of bed in the morning.

Research on how the weather affects our sleeping patterns is still in the early stages; there is still a lot to learn about what goes on in our bodies as we are sleeping. What science has come to recognize is that sleep is actually a complicated process and it relies on not only the individual but the environment as well. No matter what the climate is, make sure to use Nutriair Sleep to get the best sleep possible. No matter if it's clear or stormy we will help you get the best sleep imaginable.