Say Bye Bye to Bedroom Problems

Say Bye Bye to Bedroom Problems

Every couple has problems sometimes, even when it comes to intimacy in the bedroom. If you are having problems but can't figure out why, this article is going to go over some potential reasons why you and your partner have drifted. If you are holding resentment towards your partner that can translate into a lacking intimate life.

Comparisons: This can be a variety of things whether it be comparing your current partner to previous partners, comparing your intimate act to what you see in the "industry" and even comparing it to different stages of your relationship. These factors can put a block on your intimacy and, in turn, hurt your relationship.

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Rut: Sometimes couples get into the same habits, and this applies to the bedroom as well. Don't be afraid to switch things up from time to time, catch your partner off-guard and watch the sparks fly again.

Laziness: Sometimes laziness can manifest into selfishness, which will put even more strain onto your relationship. Both of you need to bring enthusiasm and interest into the bedroom. If neither of you are focused on making each other feel good, and put the same amount of effort into it, the consequences could be disastrous.

Lack of Communication: This goes for inside and outside of the bedroom. If neither of you is clearly telling each other what your needs are to be satisfied and happy then the other can't deliver, and you will remain unhappy until the relationship implodes. Talk to each other – it is good to have an open discussion.

Stress: If you or your partner are going through a stressful time, that can cause you or them to prioritize whatever they are stressing about above your relationship, which can cause issues not only in the bedroom, but in the relationship itself. Did you know that being intimate with your partner can actually reduce your stress level? So get busy!

Don't give up on your relationship yet. Get down to the root of your problem and try to solve it together – you are a team and need to face obstacles as one.