Resisting Hangovers

You wake up and your head is pounding, your stomach is threatening to unleash the Kraken and you automatically think, "I am never drinking again". Even though the only cure to never be hungover again is to stop drinking altogether, here is a list to help you reduce the hangover effects if you can't imagine giving up your party just yet.

Water is your friend; hangovers are your bodies way of telling you that you are dehydrated. Drink water and other drinks filled with electrolytes or sugar in between cocktails, your head will thank you in the morning. Drinking coconut water, prickly pear juice or orange juice will help you to feel like you can take on the world the morning after a bar-crawl, and they are delicious to boot. An old wives tale says that if you have a spoonful of olive oil before you go out drinking, it will grease your intestines and take longer for alcohol to be absorbed. This tale has morphed into eating greasy food before you go out drinking and has shown time and time again to help reduce the nasty side-effects of having too much fun.

Even though it might sound like a difficult task, eating a good breakfast the morning after will help to kill those nasty hangover blues quicker than they started. When you are eating though, go easy on foods like cereal and toast; your hungover body needs something easy to digest and it won't overload your system and make you cringe in pain when trying to eat. Try to incorporate ginger somewhere in your diet the morning after drinking; it will help to calm your nausea and get you back on track to feeling normal. After you are done eating go back to bed; sleep lets the body heal itself and you will feel normal once you wake up again.

If you want to avoid hangovers altogether, try Nutriair Recover. Using this compact and simple device will help you to avoid that nasty headache altogether. Remember to know your limit and to stay within it because no one likes a Sloppy Sally. Have fun and keep your body happy by keeping it hydrated.