Relax This Winter

Relax This Winter

Winter is stressful with the roads being atrocious and we spend more time in darkness than sunlight.  If people indulged in more self-care practices in the winter months, they would be a lot happier. Winter is the best time to really get into a healthy self-care routine. You are inside anyways so why not let yourself really relax. We are constantly on the go all week, so let us share our favorite ways to really zen out in the winter months.


This is so stereotypical, we know but we aren’t talking a regular bath. If you want to really indulge, try adding some essential oils, bubble bath and have a candle lit with music playing. For some of us, that is a regular bath and we applaud you. Try adding Lavender oil to your bath for an extra relaxing kick, we love to do a good hair treatment or face mask while we have a soak too.


This sounds like work, no, look through Pinterest or other home decorating pages on Instagram and inspire yourself. Rearranging a room and decluttering can be a very therapeutic and relaxing process. Just going through old clothes to donate can be a weight off of your shoulders.


Everyone likes a person that can hold a conversation, pick up a book and let your mind wander. People are always looking down at a screen, books are a great way to effortlessly relax and expand your horizon.

Everyone finds relaxation in their own way. These are just some of the things that we love to do to really get some good quality downtime. We also love to use Nutriair Relax when we do anything that allows us to chill out. This amazing product is easy to use,  fast-acting and will help you to reach your full relaxation potential. Whichever way you choose to chill out this winter, make sure you actually do because no one likes a grumpy Gus.