Pre-game The Right Way

Pre-game The Right Way

It's that time of day – gym time. It doesn't matter if you are a true blue gym rat, because there are days that even the most dedicated people drag their feet. Everyone has those days where it's just been an awful day from start to finish and you just want to end the day, go home and just get ready for the next one. Going to the gym after one of those days is a great way to burn off any frustrations and anger so you can think clearly about how you are going to handle the day after, but it's hard to do that if you are exhausted. Here are the best ways to make sure you have all of the energy you need to work through those negative feelings.

Fuel Up

Combining a mix of complex carbs along with protein and healthy fats is a great way to boost your energy for the gym. Having a pre-workout snack is a great way to fuel your body and get it ready for the intense workout you have planned too. A good reminder is, wait an hour after a snack and anywhere from two to three hours after a heartier meal to let your body digest those delicious morsels.


This is rule number one, hydrate, hydrate and HYDRATE! To stay properly focused and energized throughout your sweat session, make sure you have enough water. When you work out you sweat out a lot of water so, replenish it and make sure you always have that water bottle in arm's reach.

Be Fly

Wear an outfit that makes you feel fierce and confident. Wearing something that makes you feel hot and good about yourself will force you to the gym to show it off. Gym clothes have come a long way over the years so, drop the cash on some amazing trainers and clothes and be fierce when you walk past the treadmills.

Going to the gym shouldn't be something to fear or dread. You always feel amazing afterward and can ride that endorphin high for the rest of the night. Nutriair Energy is such a great pre-workout option. It works quick and will give you enough energy to get you through any workout from pilates to CrossFit, Nutriair has you covered. Don't dread going to the gym, look fierce and get swole.