Patio Season Equals Hangover Season

Patio Season Equals Hangover Season

It's summer, or as a lot of people know it, patio season. This means that the drinks flow freely, the karaoke is sung horribly and the hangovers are deadly. The summer months are filled with long weekends and the opportunity to day drink and, let's be honest, everyone takes full advantage of the lounging, lazy patio days that the season brings. If you are drinking throughout the day you know that by the time 7 p.m. rolls around you start to feel that nasty headache and can't imagine continuing on with your festivities. Have no fear because we are going to give you a fool-proof survival list to make sure you get the most your of your patio days without the hangovers and regret.

Stay Hydrated: This is one of the most important rules, your buzz isn't going to be killed if you have some water in between your drinks. Your body will, in fact, treat you just as nicely as you treat it so don't be afraid to grab some H20 in-between sangria.

Eat: Now, we aren't talking about eating greasy pizza when you are four hours into your event to sop up any alcohol in your stomach. Contrary to popular belief, eating a carb heavy meal while you are drinking isn't a smart choice – it's more like you’re calling it a day. Instead, eat a good healthy meal before you start drinking and have small plates of food throughout the day like pretzels and hummus, rice cakes or even a veggie and fruit tray to keep yourself from over binging and making yourself feel worse the next day.

Nutriair Recover: This device should have been invented years ago, it's basically the best anti-hangover device you can get. It is specifically designed to prevent you from being hungover and hating your decisions after you have had a blast. If you use this while you are drinking, the chances of you having a hangover are much lower.

Nap: If you are drinking throughout the day, don't be scared to go take a nap. Naps are awesome and will make you feel like a million bucks when you wake up. You will feel recharged and ready to rally again so, go ahead and grab some shut-eye because the drinks will be even colder and taste better when you wake up.

Long weekends in the summer are the best thing in the world, you can take advantage of sleeping in and having shorter work weeks. Don't let hangovers take that enjoyment from you. Just remember to have fun and consume your beverages responsibly because no one wants to have to babysit when they are already paying someone to take care of their own kids.