Patio Bars 101

Patio Bars 101

Patio season is here people, there is nothing better in the summer than sipping sangria on a patio, listening to music with a group of people you love being around. It's getting close to the middle of the summer, which means that it’s the time to get the party going in full force. If you are looking for a great place to relax this summer with your tribe, keep reading.

EightyTwo: So this bar not only has wall to wall games, including 80's arcade games like Ms. Pacman and Street Fighter and the nostalgic music to go with it, it is also located in the super trendy LA Art District, so you know there will always be something to see. EightyTwo has its own food truck located just off of the patio.

Graffiti Bar Sampan: This patio houses 30 seats and every table has custom graffiti on each from different local spray-paint artists, there is a glass overhang that will make sure you can enjoy the patio regardless of the weather and won't spoil any of the incredible apps they offer like edamame dumplings or Hamachi ceviche. This bar is for any patio loving hipster who wants an amazing Philadelphia experience.

Chicken Scratch and The Foundry: This Dallas gem is a one-two punch, co-owned biscuit purveyor Chicken Scratch and its neighbor, the venue-patio-backyard combo Foundry. Not only can you indulge in some amazing chicken finger biscuits and chicken and coconut waffles, but you can also watch some incredible rock acts on a factory palette stage.

Cheer Up Charlie's: Austin has an incredible patio scene, but Cheer Up Charlie's takes the cake. This place has a kombucha and beer bar, along with being a hot spot for food trucks, so you can get your buzz on and then grab some bomb food to end your night. This place is massive and has incredible weather coverage so you can enjoy it even when it's raining out.

Wherever your night takes you, make sure to bring along a Nutriair Recover so you don't get hit in the face with a nasty hangover the next day. Using this discreet and great tasting device is the best line of defense. Summer is meant to be enjoyed outside, and, thankfully, bars are always on board to deliver great times and even better drinks.