Long-Weekend Energy

Long-Weekend Energy

The long weekend is fast approaching which means BBQ, beer, long hours and tons of memories. Sometimes there is so much to do, and you only have 24 hours in a day, so the question is how can you get everything done and not get so exhausted that you spend the whole weekend hibernating? Don't worry, we are going to give a list of ways that will help you get through the long weekend with no crash.

Binge Eating Don't do this. It's hard because there is so much food to be consumed in such a short amount of time. Overindulging causes blood to rush to our stomachs to help break down the food in our digestive systems, which leaves us feeling sluggish and slow. Try eating smaller meals and snacks like a handful of almonds, cheese and crackers and fruits won't leave you feeling heavy and will actually help power you longer.

Nutriair Nutriair Energy is an easy way to make sure you have energy to burn. Made with natural caffeine, taurine and amino acids, this handy and discrete device will keep you powered up until the smoke settles from the fireworks at the end of the weekend.

Chocolate and Coffee Now, this isn't an excuse to go absolutely crazy. These two delicious options are naturally filled with caffeine and having both in moderation will help you to keep going and help in keeping you in a happier mood.

No Hangovers Even though this is a long weekend, don't go and get to the point of intoxication that you are going to be battling a nasty hangover the day after. You will feel like garbage and only hit club bed featuring DJ sitcom reruns and that's no fun. One or two drinks a night just until you feel good is really all you should need anyways, no one likes to have to babysit their grown-up friends.

Take advantage of these amazing long weekends to make memories with the people in your life you love, but remember to honor the veterans and current soldiers who have fought and continue to fight for us. It takes a special group of people to leave their families and homes to fight for people they haven't even met before, this weekend isn't about slapping steaks on the barbeque, it's about the people who have laid down their lives for their country. Happy Fourth of July from the team and Nutriair and thank-you, to those who put it out on the line for us every day.