Kick your Coffee (and Soda) Addiction for Good

I think every person on this planet can agree that caffeine is a gift from the gods and has magical powers that are borderline heavenly. It boosts your energy, tastes amazing and is a comforting hug in the morning letting you know that, even though you have to go to work, it's going to be ok once you get through your first cup. The only downfall is that the jitters or sluggishness kicks in and you eventually get to the point where your body craves caffeine, you can't get through your day without at least some sort of caffeinated beverage or you get grumpy and no one wants to be around you because that nasty coffee monkey on your shoulder is throwing rocks at people. If you are looking for a way to kick the habit and move on to better things then keep reading.

Purge: This doesn't mean hiding it and just pretending it isn't there. Throw it out, get it out of your house and away from the vicinity. If you can't see it, you can't drink it, right? Do a soda, coffee, tea, fat-burning supplements, caffeine pills, basically anything that has any form of caffeine in it out of your house as quickly as possible. The one thing as humans is that if it's convenient we take advantage so, make it harder for you to get your hands on it and kick caffeine to the curb - literally.

Replace It: There is going to be a void in your heart where coffee once lived, it's time to replace it with something else. Try Nutriair devices. Nutriair offers many different devices that can fill the void like Nutriair Energy or even flavor series like Nutriair Peppermint Breeze or Nutriair Sweet Melon. Nutriair is all natural and can provide everything that you look for at the bottom of a coffee cup.

Kicking any habit is hard, especially if you are used to starting your day with a cup of coffee, but it's ok because there are tons of ways to replace your morning cup of coffee and still be able to tackle the day with as much force as before.