Keep your Energy up in the Summer

Keep your Energy up in the Summer

Even though the summer is the best time of the year, sometimes it is hard to stay energized in the heat to keep doing everything the summer months has to offer. So the question is, How can you keep your battery full without compromising any time away from things you want to do. This article is going to go over some ways to give you all of the energy you need, so you can make the most of your summer.

No Coffee - This sounds crazy, but coffee actually causes you to crash because your body absorbs it too quickly which causes you to need another pick-me-up. Try switching out your morning coffee for green tea instead, the caffeine in it is absorbed into your body slower and will keep you alert for longer.

Snack - Having multiple snacks throughout the day is a sure way to keep your energy up, you will keep your metabolism in fighting shape and keep you filled with energy from morning to night. Having snacks packed with lean protein and carbohydrates is a sure fire way to keep you going all hours.

Hydration - In the summer, hydration is key. If you are feeling extremely sluggish and tired you are probably feeling the effects of dehydration. Sometimes it is hard to continuously chug down plain water so try throwing in some limes, lemons and some mint to spruce up your drink and give it a refreshing taste.

Vitamin D - Thankfully, Vitamin D is easy to come by in the summer, longer hours and tonnes of the sun, your whole body will be buzzing with energy. If you can't be out in the sun for very long, try adding a D supplement or more salmon to your diet can give you just as much Vitamin D as sitting out in the sun continuously.

 The summer is meant to be enjoyed, don't let getting sluggish or low energy take that away from you. Get out there and make the most of the hot months, but don't forget the sunscreen, it's going to be a scorcher.