Is Winter Draining You? Get Your Energy Back.

Is Winter Draining You? Get Your Energy Back.

It's no secret that the winter months are long and some of the hardest to get through. Everyone is in hibernation mode except for the brave few who actually like to go out in the snow. BRRR… The following article is going to give you some ideas on how to fight those winter blues.

The first thing you should do is control your stress level. It's easier said than done, but a good way to do that is by lowering your life workload. Whether it’s professional, family or your social life, make a priorities list and focus on the higher prioritized activities. More stress-reducing activities include meditation, tai chi, yoga or even self- hypnosis  these can help you keep a level head.

Diet is a good thing to keep an eye on during the winter months as well. Drinking lots of water and eating foods with high protein is a good start. Reducing your carb and sugar intake is a good idea if you want to keep more alert, and eating several small meals over the course of the day (instead of eating 3 big meals during the day) is also something that should be practiced. Using caffeine can also be an advantage – it will keep you alert – but it is a good idea to consume it before 2 p.m, as drinking too much can cause insomnia.

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Whatever you choose to help you get through, just remember this: Summer months are getting closer every day, soon enough we will be basking on the beach again and these days will just be a distant memory. Till next year that is.