How to: Curb your sweet tooth

Kicking an addiction to candy is no easy task – you either slide back down that sugary mountain of temptation, or you stick to it and bear it. This article is going to give you a foundation to get to the top of that mountain and grab a hold of your weakness to sweetness.

One fun idea is to combine healthy foods with what you're craving. For example, mix almonds with some dark chocolate chips, have a slice of toast with a hazelnut spread and banana. Giving in to small cravings  will allow you to still incorporate sweets into your diet but keep things under control. If you don't think you will be able to control your cravings, try grabbing some gum. There are studies that show chewing gum reduces food cravings. Fruit is also a great alternative when those candy cravings hit, but if you don't feel like eating something, try Nutriair Peppermint Breeze or Nutriair Sweet Melon. These compact inhalable sweetness deflectors will give you the sweet tooth satisfaction with none of the guilt – try combining them in Nutriair's bundle offer and save.

Staying active and surrounding yourself with like-minded positive people will also benefit you trying to live a healthier life. Along with cutting artificial sweeteners from your diet, slowing down and really focusing on your eating habits is sure to help kick those candy and sugar cravings. Don't be afraid to mix it up either, one tactic might work for you one week but not work the next – don't beat yourself up over it, because it’s a lifestyle change and takes dedication and hard work. Keeping yourself well nourished and not giving yourself a chance to crave sweets is also a good habit to practice.

Getting healthy is a lifelong commitment, working at it one day will make it easier for you the next day. Keep focused and keep in mind that it’s ok if you fall off of the horse, as long as you get back up and work harder and learn from your slip. You can do it!