Happy New Year from Nutriair

Happy New Year from Nutriair
It is the last day of the year. We made it through 2018, a little beat up and we are limping to the finish line with our shoes in our hands. Thankfully, with the dawn of a new year comes the potential for so much to go right. Don't hate us but it’s time to talk about the resolutions we are all going to convince ourselves we are going to tackle. And we do, for 2 weeks, until we come to terms that we always liked a bit more junk in our trunks and no one really cares if we have that fourth cup of coffee because jitters are charming.


Keep your goals simple. If you start out of the gate trying to climb Mount Everest, you're setting yourself up to fail and will become discouraged if you don't reach your goals quickly enough. Focus on one or two of your goals at a time and tackle them one by one.


Create a realistic time-frame of when you want to have these goals completed by, don't go in thinking you are going to be dropping 40 lbs in a span of 3 weeks. It's an unhealthy and very unrealistic expectation and you will end up giving up quicker because of it. Use your time-frame as a motivator to push yourself to meet every single goal you’ve set.


Whether you want to admit it or not, you probably have more than one thing you would like to change – don't worry because we all do. When you are choosing your resolutions, base them around things that would bring you the most joy when you reach your goals. It again will help to motivate you to tackle every obstacle.

Everyone jokes about their resolutions and how they are never going to complete them. As a whole, humanity should just try to be kinder to one another. There has been so much hatred and negativity in the world as of late, so let's try to make 2019 a better year for the world and work towards a better place for future generations. From the team at Nutriair, have a safe and happy New Year.