Hacks For Energy

Hacks For Energy

Spring is well on its way and that means that more time can be spent outside soaking up all of that delicious sun. The winter exhaustion a lot of people feel will be fading away and we have the best ways to speed up the process. People are feeling sluggish due to a lack of vitamin D along with an unbalanced diet, it’s time to overhaul everything you’ve known for the past few months a get a jump start on a summer-ready happy attitude. As nature wakes up to warmer temperatures, start incorporating these hacks into your routine so you can be prepared for the warmer weather.

It’s Lit

Try a light up alarm clock, about a half hour before the time you have it set for, the alarm clock will gradually increase its brightness. It has been shown in studies that this kind of wake up, can stimulate important hormones and can help to treat seasonal mood disorders.

New Year, New You  

You made a new year’s resolution, stick to it. We are three months into the new year already and it’s time to get started (if you haven’t already). To feel true inner peace, hold yourself accountable and get on your resolution. If you want to lose weight, start slow and swap out a carb for a salad or go for a walk. Set little goals and get yourself pumped to meet those little goals until you reach your final big goal. Don’t get down on yourself if you have fallen off the wagon, it’s hard to completely switch your habits around so don’t get bitter, get better and fight through those hardships.


This might sound a bit premature, but it works. Plan your vacation or day trips in advance and have alarms to go off on certain days to give you something to look forward to. Even if it isn’t going to be something you get to enjoy in the next month or so, it will be a mood booster anytime you think about your reservations.

Spring represents new beginnings, let this spring be that for you. Get a new outlook on life and making small changes every day. It takes 30 days for a new routine to stick, if you are just starting out keep pushing through. Another way to boost your energy this spring is to add Nutriair Energy to your everyday routine. You’ll be surprised how quickly it kicks in, and how great it tastes. Time to go outside and begin one of the best times of the year.