Got a hangover? Read this.

Got a hangover? Read this.

You've lost count of how many drinks you've had at this point, **** it, you are having too much fun. BUT the horrifying thought briefly runs through your mind, "I am going to be SO hungover tomorrow". What if you could go out and not have to even worry about that thought going through your head. This article is going to cover some preventative measures so you can boot and rally no problem.

Colorless: Clear liquors like vodka, gin, and rum are a good start because they don't have any congeners in them. Congeners are produced when the alcohol is produced by sugar-fermenting yeasts – and alcoholic drinks with high congener content will make for a very nasty morning. The alcohol you should avoid the most is whiskey, cognac and tequila (No doubt with the last one).

Recover: Nutriair Recover is a handy, 100% natural inhalable personal aromatherapy distribution device. Taking inhalations before your night out is the best preventative measure you can take. Continue to use it while you are drinking and the next morning you won't be so sore.

Eat: The most important meal of the day could literally save your day.  Having a big breakfast the morning after a night out can restore your blood sugar, which will help relieve some of your future hangover symptoms. Also, having food when you get home will help to maintain your blood sugar level.

Hair of the Dog:  No longer an old wives tale – if you have a drink the morning after you go out, your hangover will be no more. There are some studies that have proven it (to some extent) so don't be afraid to celebrate your bar hopping survival with a mimosa.

When you go out, be responsible and know your limits. Never drink and drive, and realize that you don't have to drink to have a good time. Alcohol is fun but serious, so enjoy it wisely.