Go To Sleep Faster

Counting sheep is actually a bad idea. It takes forever and, if you aren't feeling sleepy by a certain number, you start to get irritated and keep going angrily. Before you get super agitated from a lack of sleep and down a whole bottle of NyQuil, look through our list of easy ways to get to dreamland without kicking a couple of numbered sheep over the fence.


This sounds crazy, but pretend you are really, really tired. Think about how you feel when you are naturally exhausted and hold on to that feeling. Lying down in your bed while you are thinking about a weight spreading across your whole body, concentrating on the weight spreading across your body, will prevent your mind from wandering and focusing on things that will hinder your ability to fall asleep.


Leading up to getting ready for bed, shut off the screens. Get into a habit at night time of going through a routine that is designed to help tire you out. Reading or having a hot bath is a great way to get yourself calm and ready for sleep. Make sure you don't keep your laptop or phone beside your bed, the light that comes from the screens is actually very harmful and prevents you from getting as deep of a sleep as you need.

White Noise

Having the soothing sound of rain, crashing waves or even whale sounds, if that's your thing, playing while you sleep is a great way to drown out your neighbors fighting or dogs barking. You will be surprised how quickly you fall asleep to the sound of a river flowing through a forest or rain pattering on a tin roof. There are tons of premade playlists made that are made specifically for sleep.

Find something that works for you. It will take some trial and error, but once you find out what works best for you, you will have nothing but the best sleep possible. Nutriair Sleep is also a fantastic and easy addition to any sleep routine. With fast acting results and an even better taste, you will wonder how you ever went without it.