Foods that Increase Depression and Anxiety

Foods that Increase Depression and Anxiety

Simple food choices can make or break your mental state. You don't have to be officially diagnosed (a lot of people aren't) to understand an overwhelming sense of anxiety or depression. Even though the two aren't exactly inclusive to one another, this article is going to cover the both of them together because the majority of us can relate to both of these feelings. The best first step you can take is by recognizing that your eating habits can affect how you feel and try to distance yourself from bad foods a little more so you can be a healthier you – not only your body but your mind as well.

Foods that make you depressed:

Sugar – An increase of sugar in your diet can cause your brain to work at half of its potential, which will cause dementia, diabetes, and depression.

Hydrogenated oil – All of the delicious food we love – french fries, Mozza sticks and chicken fingers can actually be damaging to our mental health no matter how good they taste. Hydrogenated oil is a more solid form which makes it last longer on the shelves and wreaks more havoc on our bodies.

Fast Food – People who eat fast food regularly are 51% more likely to suffer from depression. If you eat these foods once in a while, you won't be depressed right off of the bat, but if you are making daily trips to the Golden Arches, Popeyes or The Colonel, you should look more into cucumbers and celery to chase the blues away.

Foods that make you anxious:

Tofu –  Even though Tofu is packed with lean protein, this vegan and vegetarian favorite are like that clingy partner who keeps demanding your attention, even though you are already giving them all of the attention you have. Tofu also includes trypsin and protease inhibitors which makes it harder to digest the protein.And is packed with copper, which is linked to anxious behavior.

Canned soup –  Some good advice to follow when you are picking out food to eat is that if your grandma wouldn't recognize it, cook with it, pronounce it or enjoy eating it, don't buy it or put it into your body. BPA is a chemical used in a lot of canned food liners and plastic containers that can alter genes in the stress-mediating portion of your brain.

If you needed a reason to start eating healthier, this should be it. Take care of your mind and body and you will be surprised how much life changes for you and how great you will feel.