Focus, NOW!

Focus, NOW!

We have all that that "Wait, what was I doing again?" moment and then waste even more time trying to pick up where we left our train of thought and get back on the productivity track. It's even worse when you get full days of those moments and nothing gets done at all. You have that moment where you think you shouldn't have even climbed out of bed and tried to adult that day. Don't worry because the following article is going to be your survival kit for those days, and we are going to get through the battlefield together.

Don't overdo it

Multitaskers might seem like they have it together because they can focus on three different things at a time and make it look effortless. But they pay the ultimate price when it comes to their attention spans, memory capacity and their ability to switch from one task to the next one. Multitaskers actually end up getting distracted by everything and are suckers for irrelevancy – that should already make you feel better about losing your place from time to time.


Meditation is a great way to get your mind to focus and enhance your ability to stay focused on your task. Meditating for 20 minutes, four times a week, will help improve your performance on certain cognitive tasks. Meditating is so relaxing and lets you sit quietly and not be bugged for 20 minutes – who really can complain about that.


Nutriair Focus is a great way to get your brain in line and make yourself focus on whatever task you are trying to complete. This device works quickly, which your boss will like, and you will be able to fully hone in on what you are doing, which you will love.


Before you start any task for the day, make a to-do list. Doing this will get all of your thoughts prioritized and help you focus on what you have to get done that day. Also, it is super satisfying being able to check off everything you get done.

Don't beat yourself up because you lose focus from time to time; you're human and it's expected that you lose focus in this century because literally everything around us is designed to do just that, grab our attention and keep our attention with flashing lights and bright colors. You just have to put on blinders and get the important stuff out of the way first.