Feeling Down? This Could Be Why

Feeling Down? This Could Be Why

Have you ever sat in your doctor's office and listened to the “eat healthy” speech, rolled your eyes and got ready to go grab a burger as soon as you left? We all have. Unfortunately, we should be listening to that speech more because the basic building blocks of good health come from eating a healthy and balanced diet. Keeping your body full of Vitamin B is a key factor in keeping your cell production going and keeping yourself energized.

Having a Vitamin B deficiency can lead to a lot of different health issues if you are lacking any B Vitamins doctors will sometimes prescribe a supplement for you to take to make up for the missing nutrients. Certain groups like pregnant women and older adults need larger amounts of Vitamin B. Certain health conditions like Crohn's Disease, HIV, Celiac Disease and the misuse of alcohol can result in your body not absorbing enough Vitamin B. Depending on what B Vitamin will determine what you may feel such as fatigue and confusion to anemia or even a compromised immune system. The following is a list of ways you can make sure you get the full dosage of Vitamin B you need to keep going.

B12: eggs, cheese, milk, fish and red meat are just some of the ways to make sure you get enough B12. If you are deficient in B12, you could face anemia and confusion as you get older. Depression, paranoia, and dementia can also be some more severe results if you are deficient.

B6: If you are B6 deficient you can face skin disorders and anemia as well as well as confusion, depression, and nausea. To make sure you get enough B6, add salmon, watermelon, chicken breast, potatoes and whole grains to your diet.

These two vitamins alone are a great place to start. Nutriair B-Complex is a great way to make sure you are never deficient in B Vitamins; you can have your burger and eat it too along with using a very easy and discreet device to make sure you get all of the nutrients you need to stay healthy.