Eating Healthy without Breaking the Bank

Eating Healthy without Breaking the Bank

Eating healthy all of the time can really start to hurt your bank account, the prices of fruits and vegetables continue to skyrocket and it could get to a point where you just forgo the healthy diet and cave to get a frozen pizza instead. What if you could eat clean without having to take out a second mortgage on your house? This article is going to go over some ways that you can still get all of the nutrition you need to stay on track, without making you cringe when you see the total of your grocery bill.

Buying whole foods is a great place to start, some things that you can add to your grocery list right off the bat are:

Proteins                               Carbs              Fats

Ground Beef                          Pasta             Olive Oil

Frozen Chicken Breasts        Rice               Fish Oil

Canned Tuna                         Oats              Flax Seeds

Cottage Cheese                    Apples           Mixed Nuts

Plain Yogurt                          Cabbage        Real Butter

Eggs                                      Beans

Milk                                       Raisins

Instead of splurging on expensive proteins like steak and salmon all of the time, save those for special occasions and pick up whey, mackerel or liver instead. To build and maintain the muscle you should be eating 1g of protein for every pound of body-weight per day. Also eating whole proteins with every meal will help you lose weight if you are looking to shed some winter weight as well. Buying frozen fruits and vegetables can be a game changer, in the morning warm-up frozen berries and throw them on some yogurt. Frozen fruit and veggies can sometimes be cheaper than fresh, they keep fresher longer and can even contain more nutrients than fresh fruit if they are picked and frozen when they are fresh.

If you are looking for a way to save money on food but still keep on track, try using Nutriair Diet. This easy to use, personal aromatherapy dispenser will be your saving grace when you are trying to curb your appetite and not splurge on costly junk food. Buying good food and staying healthy isn't something that you should fear or be stressed out about, you can eat good quality food without being in pain when you pull your wallet out. It's the beginning of the warm months, that means it is time for good food and even better times.