Counting sheep to catch sleep? Read this instead.

Counting sheep to catch sleep? Read this instead.

Sleep can be so elusive at times, especially when life is hectic. Read the following article so you can drift off to dreamland easier tonight, instead of counting those silly sheep.

Bring a fan: Having a fan in your bedroom is a bonus for when sleep just won't come to you. Fans produce dead noise, which drowns out disturbing noises that could potentially turn your deep sleep into a restless sleep.

Nutriair Sleep: This sleep-inducing device contains a blend of melatonin, l-theanine, natural chamomile and natural passionflower. With an Earl Grey taste and 0% Nicotine, Nutriair Sleep will quickly become your go-to when you just can't catch a wink.

Cold Air: Turning down the house thermostat could be an easy solution. When you control your climate temperature, your body takes the hint that it's time to catch some zs.

Screen Time: One hour before you go to sleep, put away all electronic devices, turn off the TV and do something that doesn't involve looking at a screen.

Scrub a dub: Have a bath or shower. The water evaporating off of your body afterward has the same cooling effect your body has when its temperature drops while you're asleep, which means you will be sleeping in no time.

Bundle up: Wear socks to bed, bringing heat to your feet and hands will shift the blood flow from your core which cools down your body and works in harmony with melatonin.

Visualize: Lie down in bed, close your eyes and picture a place that makes you feel calm and at peace. Pick a place you know very well, because the stronger of a connection you have, the stronger effects you will get.

Whatever choice you choose to coax sleep to your side, you can't go wrong combining some of these options together and spray your room with a Lavender scent. Good luck and sweet dreams.