Concentrate, Young Grasshopper

Concentrate, Young Grasshopper

Right now is the time of year when things start to get really busy. There are three million things to do, hundreds of dishes to cook and, unfortunately, not enough alcohol in the world to keep yourself sane while doing said tasks. Thankfully, your "how to" fairy godmother is here to help you through any task and will not fail you when it comes to this. Keep reading to find out the best ways to keep focused and make sure you get everything done before the family starts to ring your doorbell. 

The first thing you want to do is eliminate all of the distractions surrounding you, imagine your focus like a bucket of water and every distraction you have like your phone going off or Facebook sounding off, is a hole in the bucket, so every time you procrastinate your task, the bucket loses water and you are further away from getting your tasks completed. The best place to study is at a library so, make your own, shut off your phone and put it in your bag away from your eyesight, close the door to your bedroom or office and throw up a "do not disturb" sign on the door to let people know you mean business. 

Your focus is like a muscle, so you need to train it. When you start a new task, if you really have a hard time focusing, start with a 5 minute interval of straight focusing on that task and then bump it up to 10,15,20 etc. training yourself to do this will help you to eventually fully focus on a task without having to take breaks in between and you will be able to get things done a lot sooner. Another good tip is to start early in the morning and get everything you don't want to do out of the way so then you can enjoy the rest of your day, procrastinating makes any task worse so, after your coffee and Bailey's, suck it up and get your to-do list finished so you can continue on with your life. 

Having a chore list or knowing you have a whole army of things to get done can be intimidating, and ultimately puts a downer on your day. Procrastinating is the worst thing you can do, but we’re all guilty of it.


On those days give Nutriair Focus a try. it's easy to use and works super quick, so you can get any task done pronto and not end up feeling like garbage for dragging your feet over cleaning out the dishwasher.