Bye Interview Jitters

Bye Interview Jitters

One of the worst things in the world is going for an interview. You are literally sitting there being judged for a period of time and having to recall times, dates and experiences can be a daunting task. There are some people who can breeze through interviews no problem and those people, are unicorns and should share their tips and tricks. For the rest of us though, we spend days stressing out, picking out the perfect answers, outfits and imagining everything that could go wrong. As summer comes closer, most college and university students will be looking for summer employment and we have some tips so you’ll be laughing at the thought of interviews.

The first thing you need to know is, you got this. Regardless of what happens before the interview, you are going to crush the interview and blow the interviewers away. To get yourself mentally prepared, try practicing the S.T.O.P method.  The importance of this exercise is to slow down your thoughts and check in with yourself so you can clear your head and have a clear action plan.

Stop what you’re doing and focus on your thoughts

Take a few deep slow breaths

Observe what is going on with your body, emotions, and mind. Check why you’re feeling them

Proceed with the intention to incorporate what you observed in your actions

Unfortunately, you should also prepare for the worst-case scenario and that is you might not get the job, not because you’re not good enough but there could be someone with a bit more experience, which is ok. Don’t let it drag you down, you will find a job and it will suit you perfectly. Everything happens for a reason and who knows, you could have avoided sharing a space and a person who intentionally chews with their mouth open, you dodged a bullet there.

The best thing you can do is not get stressed out, this is easier said than done we know. Get to the interview location 20-30 mins earlier so you can do some deep breathing and make sure you are fully prepared. Nutriair Relax can also help make sure that you will be level-headed for any questions thrown your way. This fast-acting, great tasting relaxation aid will make sure that you are chill as a cucumber.