Beat Winter Stress

Beat Winter Stress

Winter is the worst time for stress. The days are shorter, the driving is terrifying and the frigid temperatures are just the tip of the iceberg of reasons why winter is awful. Stress and winter go together like Kanye and Kanye go together, they are a perfect match. Thankfully, there are ways to combat said stress, and we have the key to a more relaxing frigid season.


On the nicer winter days, bundle up and get outside. Morning sunlight is the best option, it improves your mood and helps to regulate your sleep cycle.  You need vitamin D and sometimes winter can make nature pretty so get outside and soak up as much sun as you can. For the days that you can’t get outside, maybe invest in a SAD lamp, they will give you the boost you need and are a mental health savior.

Essential Oils

Yes, it’s a huge fad right now, but there is a reason why. There are essential oils specifically curated to help improve your mood and help to relieve stress. Lavender and orange are all great options to have on hand for your diffuser. Essential oils make your house smell amazing and help you get through the day.

Work Your Brain

On the days that you can’t get outside, try challenging your brain. Crosswords, word finds or even board games are a great way to work out your brain. Doing this can relieve any stress by having you focus on something else for a short time and subconsciously work through it.

These are only a few of the ways that you can beat the winter blues, find out what works best for you. Nutriair Relax is a great way to help achieve total zen during the colder months. This easy to use and quick-acting product is a great addition to any routine. Everybody handles stress differently, reach out to people around you if you need help or need to really shake up your routine.