B-12 Deficient? How Do I Know?

B-12 Deficient? How Do I Know?

As you get older, your body isn't able to absorb as much B-12 from the food you eat. Statistics show that 4 out of 100 women between the ages of 40-59 are deficient and many others are borderline. Taking some diabetic medicine, meatless diets, some common heartburn medications and even having weight loss surgery can increase your chances of being deficient. If you can relate to any of the symptoms below, go get checked out and see what options are best for you.

Groggy: You got eight hours of rest but you can't make it through the afternoon. That can be the first sign that you are B-12 deficient. This is because your body relies on this vitamin to produce red blood cells – if it doesn’t, you will feel tired no matter how much sleep you get. Fatigue can mean a number of things, so don't just base your decision off of this.

Muscles: If your red blood cells aren't getting enough oxygen, everything will feel like it weighs a million pounds and your muscles will feel like mush.  This is a deadly combination – sluggishness and weakness make for a very difficult time.

Sensation: If you are feeling a numbness or a pins and needles feeling, it can be a sign of nerve damage, which is a result of low oxygen levels in cells.

Forget me not: If you are having problems recalling basic facts or doing daily tasks, low levels of B-12 could be the reason why. Sometimes it is mistaken for early signs of dementia or Alzheimer's in older patients, but once the blood test comes back and they start taking their supplements, the signs start to fade.

Complexion: If your complexion went from a healthy one to a yellow tinge, a B-12 deficiency could be the reason why.  Sick looking complexions are due to the red blood cells being extremely fragile and easily broken, which causes the release of a pigment called bilirubin. This results in a yellow skin tone.

One way to prevent this from happening if by using the Nutriair B-12 personal nutrient device. Using this daily will boost your B-12 levels and could prevent this from happening to you. If you feel a combination of these symptoms, don't wait until it's too late.